Rent Smart
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1. Contract: -Writing/finding sample contract, amending, signing 2. Payments - Payments inflexible and difficult to track - What if probelms occur? 3. Damages - Latency from report to solving - Complicated process of ordering contractors - Who pays? - Documentation 4. Legal disputes - Cost of lawyers or settlements - Needing to find a lawyer 5. Communication - Finding contacts - Availability and timing - Delay
Revolutionizing the interaction between landlord and tenant!
Traditional Renting
Everything in one place - Contracts and Documents  - Legal Assistance - Bills and lease payment - Contacts and communication - Reminders on anything regarding the apartment - Issue reports and updates - Ordering contractors and billing - Tools for roommates
So why? What is different?
Renting with LIVINIT
Ensuring healthy relations - One communication channel - Quick messages - Report formatting Flexibility - Contract amnendmend - Alerts and quick response - Flexible payment methods -  Transparency
Quick Automatic filling out of contact details
Contract Management Writing and amending rental agreements was never that easy
Detail Summary See the most important facts on one glance, be it pets, renovations or reliabilities
Changing, termination and extension requests Want to request a change? one click and the request is sent. As soon as both sides agree it will automatically be adopted into the contract
Flexible Amendable, ready contracts
Printable and Accessible from everywhere Send it to your printer, or get official copies sent to you by mail
Automatic Reminders Automatically be notified upon every date mentioned in the contract
Flexible make payments accoding to your needs and ability, change payment methods mid contract, or make partial payments  
Never worry about reminding your tenants   As soon as payment is due, they will automatically be informed to make the payment or if something did not work out
Transparent   Be immediately notified when payments are made to you, or if they delay Know if your Tenants pay utilities and taxes for your apartment on time
Secure Be on the safe side, with state of the art encryption and technology
Quick Pay by Paypal, Creditcard, or track your regular payments
Payment Management - It was never easier or faster to receive and pay rent
Cost efficient Save the money for rides and time for checking up on damages 
Quick Receive and react to damage reports directly - no matter where you are and what you do
Sufficient All reports, repairs and repair reports of your properties in one place
Transparent At any stage, know what is going on
Cheap Do to the above mentioned reasions it is the cheapest legal service around
Time saving No more reading through the entire contract to clarify details
Quick Our legal team instantly knows everything they need to know to assist you
Professional You don’t have to look for a lawyer anymore everytime something comes up, just talk to us
Efficient and to the point Our legal team instantly knows everything they need to know to assist you
Legal Assistance made cheap and easy
No more missing calls and looking for messages All communication is saved and secured to prove what happend in case needed
All reports, fotos and bills, right in one place No confusing tenants and photos
Notifications Be notified whenever your tenant needs you and vice versa
Instant Sample messages and replies
Communication between you and your tenant at its best